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Amara Cosmetics

Amara Cosmetics is the first complete Halal-certified cosmetics line in North America. Established in 2010 in Los Angeles, California with a mission to provide Muslim women a safe, clean products that abides by Islamic teaching. Halal is a common term in the Muslim community, however it is used by most when referring to food, making it easy to overlook the other places in which the word is still applicable. In actuality, “Halal isn’t limited to what is consumed as food but also applies to what is put on our skin”. Nearly all the brands of cosmetics in the market today utilize materials (alcohol, animal fatty acids, and animal gelatin) that are haram by Islamic law and in choosing to use them, women are inadvertently absorbing through skin and consuming during the act of eating and drinking, these religiously condemned substances. 

Amara Cosmetics desire was to create products that are both pleasant to use and compliant to the guidelines of what can be defined as halal. We wanted women to be able to pamper themselves without the guilt of being outside of Islamic law. With this mission in mind, we painstakingly curated a full line of cosmetics that maintains the high-quality pigment and texture that people seek in their beauty products without substances derived from animals or alcohol. 

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